Photo scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Are you still storing your precious family memories in a box where they just slowly rot? Scan them once for all in no time with your iPhone or iPad!

Thanks to correct time and location metadata, your old photos will appear as if you took them in the past, at the original location.

Photos are saved directly to Apple iCloud (or Camera Roll) native Photos library in highest available quality. Old and new photos are now all organised together - no discrimination. Say goodbye to complicated exports and folder shuffling back and forth. Keep old photos in a safe digital world.

The app offers variety of touch gestures to quickly adjust time and location for a next batch of photos.

And to help you organise your existing photos or videos, the app allows you to easily change the time and location of any selected photos or videos directly from the native Photos app. Say goodbye to wrong time and missing location of downloaded photos!


Free photo scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Do not pay for all those expensive scanner apps that just siphon your money! Why don’t you use our free scanner app for iPhone? It’s one of the best on the market right now and it offers scanning of the highest quality.

You can scan any old photo or picture and it’s reliable, fast, and high-quality. Our user interface is designed according to the hundreds of our customer-trusted reviews so it’s very easy to use, even young children can use the app!